The one thing that kept us from traveling to Asia are the long flights, but this time we "swallowed that bitter pill"...
Our flights went as follows:
- Frankfurt/Main (Germany) to Kuala Lumpur (K.L.)/Malaysia: flight time was around 12 hours. The plane was almost empty, so we got a whole row with five seats for us, which was very comfortable. 
Two hours time to kill and wait for our connecting flight to  Kota Kinabalu (K.L. to K.K.): flight time was around 2 hours. (The Malaysians seem to like abbreviations very much. No one (but tourists)  says Kuala Lumpur, it's just "K.L."...)
Next was a flight from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan: flight time was just 40 minutes, but the flight was delayed for one hour...The flight itself was uneventful.

Nice flight to K.L. with lots of legroom!

We claimed our luggage, went trough customs and went outside. The first cigarette after so many flights tasted soooo good... Just outside the airport there´s a booth of the "Lankayan Island Dive Resort" and "Sepilok Nature Resort". Since our flight was delayed no one was there to pick us up, but after a phone call it took just 15 minutes until we were picked up by mini-bus and taken to "Sepilok Nature Resort", (just a 30 minutes drive) where we had a cold shower, a tasty lunch and then went on a guided night walk through the jungle where we saw and heard lots of insects and finally saw 5 Orang-Utans in the nest they had just prepared for that night! Although we were really tired after all these flights: that was very much worthwhile! (But don't forget your insect repellents, a good torch and camera with a good flash!) Below some pictures from Sepilok.
Back on earth: landed in Sandakan, collected our luggage  and now waiting for our pick-up
The main-building  A view of the bungalows "Our" bungalow, or at least the essentials: the beds!

Nice for relaxing and sooo quiet

On the night-walk in the jungle A lot of interesting species
The guide even showed us a flying squirrel" and I took pictures of it - nice, isn't it?! And we even saw 5 Orang-Utans in their nest, this is the best picture I took... 
Well, it was late, I was tired and the nest was far above the ground...