O.K. (Finally) said and done:
We booked our vacation, waited for months, months became weeks, weeks became days and then hell broke loose:
I checked and packed our diving equipment and camera gear; 
Antje took care of our normal luggage. After all we knew by then we did not pack or formal clothes, just some flip-flops, sun lotion, shorts and T-Shirts - which was just fine.
For me this was a "first-timer": Iīve been dreaming about it for years now but only now I finally have it: an underwater-camera. Itīs a SONY DSC-P5 in the MPK-P5-underwater housing. Iīve tried that out a few times here in our cold and dark freshwater lakes but now I wanted to take a few nice shots of colorful fish and other sea life.
But where to store the pictures? Although I own a bunch of 128 MB MemorySticks they will be full after one day of diving. Here my old but trusty Toshiba notebook came handy: equipped with a card reader, 7 GB free space on the hard-disk and some picture-browsing software it was a great for storing my pictures.To make it short: this was the first vacation we were using all of the allowed luggage...
Although itīs old and not too fast: itīs reliable and soon this notebook became (temporary) home for pictures from all over the world since a lot of divers at Lankayan were using SONY cameras but no one had a notebook with a card reader for storing the pictures taken... I gladly stored the pictures, burned CD-Rs and sent these home to the people who had taken the pictures when I was home again since the notebook itself does not have a CD-R drive.