Well, in case you're interested: here is some information about us:
We (Antje Rathmann and Jörg Kühnel) live in northern Germany
in a small town close to the Harz-mountains called Herzberg.
We've been interested in traveling all the time, but when we
started diving in 1998 (Jörg) respectively in 1999 (Antje) our
preferences changed - from "What might be interesting to see at that destination?"
to "How's diving at that destination?"...

We've been diving in several freshwater-lakes near our home town (there are quite a few of them)
in Giglio (Italy), in the Maldives (Summer Island Village), in Dahab (Egypt)
and in the Netherlands. 
You'll find some information about these vacations at www.easydiver.de which is my own domain. 
The name of the domain gives you an idea of our favorite kind of diving...

On the left you see Antje at Lankayan Island at sunset.

On the right you see me, Jörg at the divecenter at Lankayan - if you take a look at my shoulders you also see what happens if you forget your sun blocker...