Picture-book of our trip to Sri Lanka

Hi folks!

I made these few pages to show you some of the things we saw during our trip to Sri Lanka (April, 15th to 30th 1998).

We booked it trough our travel-agent here in Herzberg and since we did not know much of the country we decided to go for a good hotel. We ended up with THE BEST one on the west coast (which is the place to go anyway). Air transportation was done by CONDOR, which is the branch of LUFTHANSA that does charter-flights. Getting up early we  took my new car (Hey ! I didnīt tell you about that one, didnīt I?) Itīs a white CITROEN BX (we call it my LIMOUSINE). As you know I turned 35 recently, so I decided I needed some more comfort...but thatīs another story. O.K. so we went to Hannover which is just an hourīs drive and took an Airbus A340 to Munich. That flight was rather a short one, it took just over 45 minutes. From there we took an Boeing 767 which took us to COLOMBO, the capital of Sri Lanka. The flight was alright, but too long, it took almost 11 hours.

Leaving Germany we had weather around freezing-temperatures and now getting off the plane it was 35°C ! (Sorry for using these "strange" units but I still have not found an easy way to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.) We went to the luggage-claim and waited for half an hour or so but what did not turn up was Antjeīs beauty-case. Did you ever happen to see Antje VERY ANGRY? Probably not, but I managed to calm her that much that we could go to the lost luggage counter and file for her beauty-case. (īTill then I did not know that you CAN NOT live without your beauty-case as a female...). Anyway, after 50 minutes we went to the bus waiting outside filled with 50 or so other german travellers by now cooked "well done". "Weīre sorry folks, but letīs go now!"

 ox.JPG (16440 Byte)

No, this wasnīt our bus, but a typical means of transportation

One thing that struck as as a little bit strange reading the catalogue of Sri Lanka was that a 60 kilometer transfer to our hotel should take aprox. 3.5 hours - first we thought this must be a typo or something - but now we learned better! All in all the transfer took close to 4 hours! They drive on the "wrong" (left) side of the roads  and the highways are more like the road leading from the "Little Deli" to your house but with HEAVY traffic. So you might be able to imagine how happy we were when we finally arrived at our hotel. We had been "on the road" for 26 hours then.

O.K. What I plan to do is offer you a few "themed" pages which show you e.g. the wildlife or some of the plants or the beaches or whatever we think was especially worth mentioning. But first of all, letīs take a look at our hotel which is called EDEN, we think this name fits just right...

Have fun!

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