Hello again!

As you have seen on the first two pages we lived in a very nice hotel with very good food and service.
After a few days we had recovered from the long travel and went to see more of the country. As I told you before traffic is chaotic and since we did not feel like suicide we went to see the next town (not exactly what you would call a town - but somehow nice). The name is ALUTHGAMA and itīs "just around the corner", maybe 2 or 3 kilometers from the hotel up the "highway".  To give you a better idea of the country here goes a map of the region Iīm gonna tell you about - maybe you got a better map at home.map.JPG (34712 Byte)

On the west coast you see COLOMBO, thatīs where we arrived and then went down aprox. 60 km to Alutgama (near Beruwela) where our hotel is situated.

tuktuk1.JPG (18472 Byte)

tuktuk2.JPG (17165 Byte)

This is a "Tuktuk", itīs got a one-cylinder two-stroke engine with about 10 or 15 horsepower and itīs fun to sit in the backseat - I donīt want to drive myself (at least NOT in Sri Lanka!). Itīs cheap to rent - about 100 rupees (1 $) for a ride "downtown".

Well, I think I should show you what the local currency looks like:

101rupee.JPG (14369 Byte) 100rupee.JPG (16414 Byte)

This are 100 rupees.

I think I better finish this page before it takes ages to load... But here we go with more places...!





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