Now were in Alutgama!

Its a town with aprox. 5000 inhabitants, a farmers market once a week and a few small shops.

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On the left you see the local poultry shop. Yes! these things hanging behind the shopkeeper inside his shop made from  some logs found on the beach and a tin roof are chickens. Imagine this: its more than 35C hot and these were hanging there for more than a few nano-seconds. We were NOT very hungry then...
Another shop had spices (curry, chili-powder and tons of others we never saw and smelt before - great! We bought some and next time youre over here well fix you the finest curries youve ever had! (We also brought some recipies with us) The picture on the right is a shop with sun-dried fish (from makerels to shark - you name it they got it!) Below you see Antje in front of a shop selling betel nut (we did not try that, you get red gums and teeth from it) Its mixed with ground sea shells and sand and chewed like SKOAL. You get dizzy in your head after a while but for us it was hot enough anyway! And Antje found another thing that made HER dizzy: ARAK or "holy water". It looks like rum and is about 75 proof - you can drink it pure or mix it with (a little bit of) SPRITE. But never before sunset ! Again, its time to stop and go to the next page where Im gonna tell you about the making of ARAK!

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